Annabel Kaye – GDPR Expert

Practical & Down to Earth GDPR Advice

Annabel Kaye integrates GDPR into how you work naturally in your business.

Helping and supporting Virtual Assistants, trainers, speakers and coaches worldwide in doing business in an authentic and profitable way.

As seen on BBC Breakfast time, and all over BBC Radio as their GDPR expert, Annabel Kaye speaks common sense and not hysteria

The smart VA, coach / Trainers choice for legal and business terms

Do any of these sound familiar?


I don't know where to start with GDPR

You’re not alone. Many VAs have no idea where to start with GDPR. When you work with Annabel Kaye and team KoffeeKlatch you will find their simple and impactful checklists guide you through the GDPR maze.


I have contracts already..

Many contracts are not worth the paper they are printed on. And how could you know this? It’s not your fault, so we offer a free contract review. Just add your details below and we will get back to you asap and show you where the GDPR holes are in your contracts (if there are any)


I don't have the time

Over the last 2 yeasr KoffeeKlatch has trained over 500+ Virtual Assistants. So if you need someone to do GDPR with you and help you become compliant then ping me a message and I’ll introduce you to a well trained GDPR Virtual Assistant.

P.S. If you would like to be on this list and you’re GDPR trained then please do let me know.

What if I told you that…

GDPR is easier to implement in your business than you think…

Why Are so many getting it wrong with GDPR?

GDPR is a process so no amount of policies is going to “fix” your problem simply because there isn’t a policy for a process.

When you have your business ducks in a row you’ll love how easy GDPR becomes..

Our contracts couldn’t be any easier to use!  When you invest in the GDPR support from KoffeeKlatch you’ll love how easy the documents are to use, and the incredible support in our Facebook group. There are plenty of experts available (in the group) to advise you on everything from Insurance to Microsoft Office to Email Marketing.

What Others Say

I just wanted to post a huge thank to you for all the support I have received to get GDPR ready. The Premium package is fantastic. I would have been lost without the 1-2-1 time to get my terms of business document specifically tuned to my needs. Thank you, team!

Emma Herbert

Virtual Assistant

Can I just say a massive thank you please?  One of my US clients (so not as immersed in GDPR as we are!) just signed and said everything was put together well and super clear! Thank you for all the work you put into writing our contracts and ts and cs!

Belinda Alban

Virtual Assistant

I looked at something GDPR related today and I realised that I actually understood what they meant!

I never thought I’d see the day where it all made sense and I knew exactly what to do!

Lucy Messaritis

Ready to get started?

Free GDPR Terms of Business Review

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